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All paper-based passport application files from 1948 to 1988 are held by Archives New Zealand.There are no plans to destroy any of these records Any person who has made a request under the Privacy Act and believes that the organisation in responding to that request has breached their privacy by a failure to disclose or a failure to adhere to the requirements of the Act in preparing their response.

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Both systems are operated within the bounds of the Department of Internal Affairs secure network.

Citizenship registers from 1948 to the present are also held in computerised form.

All source documentation since 1 September 1995 is retained and sent to Archives New Zealand.

Source documents prior to 1995 may have been kept, but, as individual registry offices (there were at one time about 200) did not operate consistently there will be gaps.

All paper based citizenship application files from 1948 to 1988 are held by Archives New Zealand.

Applications received since 1988 are stored in a secure off site location.The Passport office uses the information supplied by you or obtained to establish entitlement to and to issue a New Zealand passport or other travel document The Registrar-General may also collect name change and death information from overseas authorities if the person’s birth is registered in New Zealand.Currently this applies to name changes and deaths registered in New South Wales, Australia; and the Cook Islands.You may authorise the Department to approach these additional organisations for you to release the requested information.To view samples of the current registration / application forms, see The intended recipient of the information is the appropriate office within Identity Services of the Department of Internal Affairs.This step only takes a split second, but it's where the magic happens. Well, our online software take those answers, cleans them up, formats them, then merges them into the proper name change forms.