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ok well this story is well written, but im sorry i just hate it. I hate that whole leg of infantilism, "women are better then men" i hate that, i also hate that about feminism.most infact all the die hard feminist i have had the "pleasure" of making acquaintance with, there ultimate goal has been female supperiority.

now isnt that just as wrong as male supperiority shouldn't the ultimate goal of society be to throw down your differences and have a society of equals not superiors.

Sorry about that rant but feminism really gets to me.

I wanted to have a say in when I was spanked but Mum wouldn’t have it so giving her full control is better than not being spanked at all. I love you anyway sis so I’ll make sure when it happens I spank you just as long and hard as Mum does.” Susie beamed.

It hurts, well it has to, but it’s also kind of erotic you know. I know I can be smart mouthed sometimes, well a lot actually, and being punished helps. Lisa blushed and said sarcastically, “Gee thanks Susie.” After a moment Lisa added, “So can I have my spanks please.” Lisa turned so her bare bottom faced her older sister.

Thank you so so so much for your honest, open account of your world.

Baby Lizzy Bubbe is the Yiddish term for "grandmother" and you'll find many Jewish kids who call their grandmother by that term.Susie spanked each bottom cheek alternately until all six spanks had been delivered.Lisa turned to her sister and said a respectful, “Thank you Susie.” Susie grinned replying, “My pleasure Lisa.” The two sisters quickly crossed the hall and Lisa knocked on her Mum’s bedroom door. Lisa opened the door and walked inside not concerned she was naked as she was so used to it now.Both got satisfaction from Lisa being spanked, Sandra got a sense of relief that she could vent her anger on her misbehaving daughter and also felt she was doing the right thing to discipline her daughter even though 22 years old.Equally Susie happily enjoyed watching her younger sister suffer knowing she had actually asked her Mum to punish was out of no where, but it was obviously going to happen. what i guess im trying to say is i think it would have been nice to hear a bit more about your feelings toward sue then just having us hit in the face with it yeah i was wondering about that, thought maybe i went into some sort of trance were i managed to get moderator privledges and joined them together. although i think her post was just a blanket post aimed at who ever did join them together.