Models and relationship quality in dating couples

I disagree with your point that men in porn are regular looking. They are shown to have larger than normal organs and this does have an impact on men as well. So to say that porn only effects the self image of women would be wrong.

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Question asked by Jane – I am just curious as to why it’s become so acceptable for men to look at porn whilst in a relationship, and what are your views on this?I know women look at porn to, but we all know not nearly as many women do as men, and I’ve heard of many relationships, even marriages failing because of porn, and in all cases it’s been the man.We are all human, and none of us is perfect in any way. That’s what is so badly lacking in most relationships today.Love does not blossom in the presence of judgment, criticism or false perceptions.I won’t tolerate porn in my relationship, I’d actually rather be alone that feel insecure about my body with a partner that needs to look at glorified women.

If more women put their foot down and wouldn’t tolerate it, there would either be a world full of lonely men wanking off to porn, or they would stop being disrespectful and lust only after their true love.They know that they are being suckered into a “fantasy” world; they know that a sex starved generation is not what they want to be a part of.Men are human too and they know what’s wrong and right; many live in oblivion but that’s a different story. Contrary to what many women think, most men want deep relationships.They want to give and receive love; they want to feel an emotional bonding and they want to share their happiness and sorrow with their partner.Men are seeking fulfilling relationships which go way beyond the surface level satisfaction of sex.You don’t have to compare your body to that of a porn star because unless your man is really juvenile he knows that porn is simply unreal.