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Simply drag the email to desktop or open the mail and go to File *and it will be saved as an eml file. Can saving as an eml file make the message to loose the header information ?

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NSF) database and its associated MTDATA subdirectory?

MTDATA is a subdirectory of the Domino data directory. You should see a MTDATA folder, which contains the new MTSTORE. Restarting the Router task also restarts the MTCollector task.

We have Exchange server sending mail to Domino Server. Part of it can be achieved using rules, however updated template is the better solution. We wanted to Block a Group of user from sending emails to, in etc others should be allowed to send. It is suggested in that case you open a PMR with IBM support to check the behavior. How can we block auto forwarding to external domain but open for internal domain ?

Most are also application to previous release however they are now end of support (6.x, 7.x). Email ids in group to block internet messages should be in SMTP email address format only ? There are 2 different field one accept Notes Addresses and other accepts the SMTP address. Can we have exception group for different attachment size without customizing mail template ? You can use server rules to set different attachment size for different users. Don't enable such rule, you need to reconstruct the rule. Is it possible to save it in current mail file instead of Archive file ?

Technote #1092370: How to prevent Domino from being Used as a relay host Technote #1238930: Error: 'SMTP Server: Authentication is not enabled...' after upgrade.

Internet sites issue Technote #1095102: How to trap inbound SMTP messages on a Domino server Technote #1104959: Restricting inbound SMTP mail to users listed in the Domino Directory Technote #1090405: How to stop incoming mail addressed to just the last name Technote #1093342: Attachments to messages received from the Internet are named as SMTP outbound issues: Technote #1568052: Using Telnet to test outbound mail. Delete the MTDATA subdirectory at the Operating System level*. Launch the Domino Administrator client and select the Files tab. The MTDATA subdirectory is created when Message Tracking is enabled in the Configuration document and the Router task is restarted. *If you receive a message that the directory is in use, issue the following command on the server console: and then try to delete/rename the directory again. MTDATA is a subdirectory of the Domino data directory. Hop count is the number of servers through which the mail passes. What is he maximum size which we can allow to send over SMTP?