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Russian Organized Crime link is an outdated information from early 1990's. According to the 2010 census over 30 millions in the US are foreign born (every 10th person).

So, I wouldn't be so hard on immigrants or generalizing about such a great number of people. They do similar profiles for many groups of people.

It is also important to note law enforcement, out of ignorance, lumps anyone from the former USSR as "Russian," so that complicates things a bit.

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My point in this is that you are taking the position that there hasn't been a problem and I'm pointing out that there were some problems, and there continues to be problems with organized crime in many areas.

I don't know what to think about it so I just laugh. Russians (I'm referring to actual Russians and not the various other ethnic groups in the Russian Federation) have a very high percentage of blonde-hair, blue/grey-eyed people. Swedish women are generally considered attractive as well.

Russians come from Russia, Belarus and Ukraine, with the exception of the formerly exhiled, living as minority groups in places such as Azerbaijan, Georgia, and a few other places in Europe.

I disagree, most of those Slavs here for better life and not for persecution.

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True, they were persecuted until Perestroika and Gorbachev but not since 1980's.