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While I savor the fragrance of wet turf mixed with avgas exhaust as much as anyone, the thought of a 00 annual—and I’ve paid them—tends to turn the rose-colored glasses into a darker shade of cynical.Not that I expect to ever pay a 00 annual for the Cub, which is exactly the best reason for owning a legacy LSA—not the magic of slipping the surly bonds on rag wings, but the smug satisfaction of doing it for the price of a cheap date at Bob’s Big Boy. Split the cost of an already cheap airplane two ways, three ways or four ways.

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The program covers 447 makes/models manufactured between 19 and doesn’t require an inspection.March 19, 2015 Utility airplanes occupy an interesting market niche.But unlike most other airplanes, utility airplanes are optimized to use short, unimproved fields without drama or damage, carry lots of stuff, require little maintenance and be field-repairable, just a few of the features with which the typical tricycle-gear, all-metal single has trouble.September 24, 2015 The NTSB reports of the 100 most recent B55 Baron crashes turned up some unexpected results: there were only three runway loss of control (RLOC) events, far fewer than we expect for tricycle-gear airplanes; for an airplane with a fuel system that has a reputation as simple, the majority of the 15 fuel-related accidents involved mismanaging the system and fuel selectors and over half of the pilot-induced gear-up events involved retracting the gear on rollout.March 19, 2015 In keeping with its cutting-edge ethos, Pipistrel has two ambitious electric-flight projects in the works.

We covered the Panthera electric/hybrid project in the July 2014 Aviation Consumer and last fall, the company announced an electric version of the Alpha.January 1, 2016 Buying aircraft, financing aircraft, or even leasing aircraft are processes dense enough to almost make you give up.Appraisal reports make it easier, but it is crucial to know your appraiser is NAAA-certified and working through an established aircraft valuation database. Because aircraft price publications are the default resource for aircraft valuation, and they don't always account for refurbishment, avionics upgrades or aging airframes.If owning your own airplane increasingly sounds unaffordable, it’s much less so in a partnership to the point that the monthly cost can be well under even a modest car payment.There’s no pretending the capabilities are remotely similar, but if you want to fly or even own, there’s an affordable way to get there.January 18, 2016 There are a lot of airplanes that are alleged to be good for backcountry operations by pilots who want to seriously recreate.