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Page 8: Tips on meeting your significant other's parents, such as be polite and stay off your phone.

Page 10: A celebration of cute couples and cheap date ideas, such as a picnic in the park, yoga or binge watching a TV show together.Page 11: Movie date suggestions (all rated PG-13 or under).Plainfield High School students published a robust dating guide filled with articles about safe dating, break-ups and first kisses.But one page is stirring a controversy that could cost the 2017 teacher of the year her job.Page 22: A personal essay on making it work in a long-distance relationship and memories of those awkward first kisses.

Page 23: An article on the importance of loving yourself before getting into a relationship and a poll indicating that about half of students have felt used in a relationship. Page 12 and 13: An in-depth profile of Plainfield High School Principal Mel Seifert and several other teachers who met their spouses in high school.Page 14: Warning signs of an unhealthy relationship and an essay on healthy dating habits.Here's a rundown of the 24-page guide: Page 1: The cover.Page 2: A look at how dating has changed and the differences between dating codes for girls and guys.Page 20: Advice on how to make a relationship work between students who are different ages and in different grades.